Sea sickness? No with us

In many cases you can have sea sickness, but in Mar Adentro we are having more than 12 years experience doing what we know and can, natural, cultural and vivencial tours to the Palomino islands in Lima, Peru to swim with sealions.
Along the years we have some recommendations to avoid sea sickness and have fun swimming with sea lions.

1. Our speed boats are open without roof, this permit you to look to the horizon and feel free with wind on your face and avoid the sea sickness.

2. Do not do the tour with a yacht, these are slow, heavy, and cannot reach the view points like we can do it with our speed boats. Instead to spend 4 hours in a yacht, we are doing everything in 2 hours 30 minutes, this avoid the sea sickness.

3. A day before do not drink to much alcohol and caffeine, this avoid sea sickness.

4. Try to sleep early and good one night before the trip.

5. In our tour you will receive only water and a little snack.

Remember, you are visiting a nice, protected and peacefull area, you can have fun and be responsible.